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Annual Frequent Traveller (Up to 30 days per trip)

Annual Frequent Traveller

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Travel insurance for when one trip just isn't enough.

The world is now more accessible than ever before. Combine this with social media-induced wanderlust, and it's no wonder some of our travellers always have a bag half-packed.

Our Annual Frequent Traveller Plan provides cover for frequent travellers who take multiple trips throughout a 12 month period, saving them time and money. Because when you're on the road so often, who wants to buy a travel insurance policy every time?

  • unlimited number of trips in a year
  • great levels of cover, with additional customised options available
  • covers multiple short trips (30 days max) or longer trips (50 days max) throughout a 12-month period
  • cover for travellers aged up to and including age 76
  • in most cases, kids up to the age of 25 are covered for free when travelling with you