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I need an assessment for my condition

I need an assessment for my condition

If you have an existing medical condition and it's not on our list of Automatically accepted conditions, a medical screening may be required for us to determine the cover available. Following your assessment, we will advise you:

  • Whether your condition(s) can be insured under the policy;

  • Whether any additional terms, conditions, exclusions or limitations will apply; and

  • The amount of any additional excess payable in the event of a claim and/or any additional premium (where applicable) to be paid before we will cover your condition(s).

If you require an assessment, you must disclose all your conditions, including any showing in the list of automatically covered conditions. Only those conditions which we approve in writing will be covered.

Note that there are some medical conditions that must always be screened before or at the time of policy purchase. You can find the list of conditions that always require screening here.

Our medical screening process is available over the phone Monday-Friday 9.00am-7pm (AEST) on 1300 763 872, as well as online as part of the quote process.