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Your cash or credit cards are lost or stolen

Your cash or credit cards are lost or stolen

Unfortunately, this happens to lots of travellers - but don't panic. Here's our guide on what to do.

What to do

  • Report the incident ASAP. You must report any loss, theft or damage of credit cards or cash to the following authorities as soon as possible (and no later than 24 hours after discovery) - the local police (for theft and loss) and the nearest embassy, diplomatic or consular mission.

  • Gather a copy of the report that is filed. Contact our Emergency Assistance team on +612 9234 3113 if you need help with this.

  • Report the incident to any other relevant authorities involved, such as airline, hotel or tour operator. For example, if a theft occurs on a plane, report the incident to the airline, and get a Property Irregularity Report (PRP) from them as documentation of the event. If it’s stolen from your hotel safe, report it to your hotel and ask them for a written report about what happened. Include details of any compensation the service providers will provide for your loss.

  • Where required, tell your financial institution (for lost or stolen cards). Let your bank or credit card provider know about the loss or theft as soon as possible. They’ll let you know what to do next and how to get a replacement card. If you don’t do this, we may either not pay your claim or reduce how much we pay.

Minimum documentation required to support your claim

  • Get it in writing. You must get a written report from all of the authorities that you’ve been in contact with. If the police department (or other relevant authority) does not provide reports in writing, you must get their contact details and any relevant reference/event number so that we can contact them.

  • Provide evidence: If your credit cards or cash are stolen from a locked safe or cabinet, you must provide evidence that they were locked away and concealed at the time they were stolen; for example, a police report confirming that the safe in your hotel room was forced open.

  • Provide receipts for expenses incurred. You must provide receipts for expenses incurred, such as phone calls to arrange a replacement credit card.