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Extra Cancellation Cover Option

Extra Cancellation Cover Option

From the very moment a traveller makes the decision to travel, there’s a wonderful build-up of excitement that comes from the planning, the booking, the counting down in anticipation. So when things go wrong before or during a trip, we understand how frustrating it can be.

It's important to realise the importance of having cancellation cover from the moment a traveller books their trip. There is a feeling for many travellers that it is fine to book travel insurance closer to their departure date. However, if they need to cancel or change their trip in the lead up to their departure, and they have not already purchased travel insurance, they are left susceptible to losing out financially.

What does the standard cover include?

At SureSave, we recognise that not all trips are the same. That’s why we’re giving travellers the power to choose and pay for the level of cover that’s right for them.

The table below outlines the standard cancellation cover included in each policy. Note: this information is for new policies issued or amended from 2/2/17.

What if I need more cover?

Need more cover? No problems. With our Extra Cancellation Cover Option, you can select the amount of additional cover you need for cancellation related expenses, all the way up to ‘Unlimited’.

When buying your policy, just select the level of cover you need for cancellation related expenses, and we’ll let you know what the additional premium is. The amount of cover you select will be shown on your COI.

Per primary traveller or per trip?

The trip limits under our standard cancellation cover are per primary traveller.

Once you select extra cancellation cover, the additional trip limits above the standard cover are per trip.

How much extra cancellation cover do I need?

The level of extra cancellation cover required should take into consideration the total value of the pre-booked, pre-paid trip. Selecting too little cover means the full value of the trip may not be covered. However selecting too much cover means travellers are paying for a level of cover they don't need.