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Travelling while pregnant

Travelling while pregnant

Pregnancy is a journey in itself – exciting, life-changing, and sometimes scary. It doesn't have to limit your adventures. With SureSave, you can continue exploring the world knowing we’ve got you covered.

SureSave covers any event arising from a pregnancy, provided that the incident that causes the claim:

  • Is sudden, unforeseen, and out of your control; and

  • Occurs up to the end of the 26th week of a single pregnancy (or the 19th week of a multiple pregnancy).

If the claim arises as a result of pregnancy complications such as hyperemesis (severe morning sickness), miscarriage and gestational diabetes, then to be covered under any event, the pregnancy complications must either have:

  • First developed unexpectedly after you bought your policy and not be related to any previous pregnancy complication you‘d had prior to buying your policy; or

  • Been added to your policy as a ‘specified medical condition’

My pregnancy is a result of IVF treatments. Am I covered under my policy?

Our standard pregnancy cover applies whether you fall pregnant naturally or with medical assistance (for example, through IVF), provided the above criteria are met.

I’ve had pregnancy complications in the past. Can I still get cover?

If you have a history of pregnancy complications, either with a current or past pregnancy, it is possible to purchase cover for them. You must tell us about these complications before or at the time you buy your policy; we will get you to complete a medical screening and ask some questions about your health to decide what kind of cover we can offer you and on what terms.

If cover is approved and the additional premium paid, these approved pregnancy complications become specified medical conditions under your policy. The premium you have paid as well as any additional excess will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

If your claim arises from past or current medical complications, you will not be covered if those complications were not added to your policy as specified medical conditions (see above) at the time of policy purchase.

We do not cover events that arise after the end of the 26th week for single pregnancies (or the 19th week for multiple pregnancies).

What if I fall pregnant during my trip?

If you fall pregnant during your trip, standard cover still applies provided the above criteria are met. However, if you’re thinking about having a baby and you have a history of pregnancy complications, you have the option of applying for cover at the time of policy purchase. If you don’t tell us about prior pregnancy complications and you then fall pregnant, there’s no cover under your policy for anything that happens as a result of those complications.