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What we don't cover

What we don't cover

For any claim, under any event, there are certain criteria which must be met in order for the claim to be covered.

However, there are some situations that we just won't cover, period. The below serves as a quick guide to the things we'll never cover - for full details please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

Sports and other activities we don't cover

There are some sports and activities that we consider too risky to cover. See sports and activities we don't cover for a full list.

Things that are unlawful, illegal or reckless

We won't cover travellers when they:

  • Break the law - for example, we won't cover you if you get injured while trying to run out on a restaurant bill.

  • Don't follow official laws or warnings - this is reckless and may also be illegal. If you ignore signs saying not to dive in a specific spot, and you injure yourself because you did it anyway - we won't cover you.

  • Are under the influence of/are addicted to alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise) - unless the drug is taken in accordance with doctor's advice. Basically, if you get drunk and hurt yourself trying to climb a tree, we won't cover you.

  • Are delayed or detained by, or have their belongings seized or confiscated by Customs or other officials.

Specific medical situations

Some medical situations are just too risky for us to cover. We won't cover claims arising from:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Elective or cosmetic surgery that is not medically necessary.

  • Gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery (and their complications).

  • Suicide or self-harm.

  • Fertility treatment and any resulting complications - unless pre-approved by us as a specified medical condition at the time of policy purchase.

  • Elective pregnancy terminations.

  • Existing medical conditions that aren't either automatically covered or added to your policy as a specified medical condition.

  • Existing medical conditions of someone else - except as provided by the Existing Medical Conditions Claim Cap.

Claims and expenses you can't prove

We need to protect our business from fraud, so we'll only pay claims with enough proof provided to support them. We won't cover travellers when they:

  • Aren't completely truthful with us - if you don't answer questions honestly or don't disclose something relevant to your policy or claim, we won't pay your claim.

  • Act fraudulently in any way or encourage anyone else to give us fraudulent information in relation to their policy or claims.

  • Can't give us evidence of the event or expenses they're claiming for - to support a claim, we may need different types of evidence - typical examples include things like medical reports, police reports, original receipts, and repair quotes.

  • Will be, or have already been reimbursed by someone else for what they're claiming - for example, if the airline cancels a flight and pays for you to stay in a hotel as a result, you can't claim the hotel cost from us as well.

Epic disasters and global danger zones

Obviously, we want our customers to stay safe - and we expect them to take precautions by avoiding travel in dangerous zones. We won't cover travellers when:

  • Travelling to a country or region that's been listed as a 'Do Not Travel' zone - see the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller website for a list of 'Do Not Travel' zones. The exception to this is if your destination gets listed as a 'Do Not Travel' zone while you're already on your trip.

  • They don't comply with official advice or warnings - such as warnings in the mass media issued by a government body or organisation.

  • They put themselves in harm's way when there's a riot, strike or similar event- for example, don't take part, or stay at the site of a riot - we won't cover you.

  • War occurs - this includes acts of war, civil war, rebellion, revolution, an uprising or taking of power by the military.

  • Pandemic or epidemic breaks out.

  • Nuclear materials, weapons of mass destructions, biological or chemical weapons are involved.

  • Their claim would expose us to sanctions - we won't cover claims under an event that would expose us and/or our reinsurer to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations Security Council; or sanctions, laws or regulations or the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America.