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Winter Sports

Winter Sports

You arrive in the Canadian Rockies for a two-week snowboard trip. Unfortunately, a day into your holiday, freak blizzards and avalanches close the resort for the rest of your trip. Luckily, you paid extra for our Winter Sports Option, so we'll pay a benefit of $100 per day, for each day the resort is closed. (This option is only available on the Comprehensive, AFT and Domestic plans.)

What to do

If this event happens to you, refer to our checklists for what to do when your winter sports holiday doesn't go to plan.

What you need to know

Travellers who purchase the Winter Sports Option are covered for:

  • Snow holiday specific incidents.

  • Certain events that would otherwise exclude winter sports under standard cover. In other words, the following events are not covered if they occur while travellers are participating in a winter sport, and they did not purchase the Winter Sports Option. See 'What you can claim' below for a list of these events.

  • Winter sports pre-paid costs – such as ski equipment hire, lift passes and ski school costs – if you’re injured in an accident or suddenly fall ill and can’t ski for more than 24 hours, up to a maximum limit of $1,000. (See page 29 and 69 for details.)

  • Winter sports equipment as ‘luggage’, which means that it is covered for its depreciated value up to $700 per item for all events in the section 'Your luggage and personal items are lost, stolen, damaged or delayed', even when it’s in use. The only exception to this is where your winter sports equipment is accidentally damaged. In this instance, it is only covered when it’s less than three years old.

For you to be covered:

  • You must purchase the Winter Sports Option.

  • You must satisfy or comply with any relevant conditions outlined in the event ‘Your winter sports holiday doesn’t go to plan’.

  • You, your travelling companion, a close relative or someone at home must follow the Alpine Responsibility Code when taking part in a winter sport – both in Australia and overseas.

We don't cover you when:

  • You weren’t taking reasonable care of yourself or your winter sports equipment.

  • The event occurred outside the normal dates for the ski season at the resort.

  • You haven’t bought the Winter Sports Option.

  • You don’t satisfy or comply with our conditions for taking part in a sport or activity.

What you can claim

Travellers covered under this event can claim for the following (less excess) – up to your plan’s trip limits:

  • For snow holiday specific incidents.

  • Hire penalty costs - if your hire equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Hire equipment costs - if your hire equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Hire equipment costs - if your hire equipment is delayed.

  • Piste closure benefit of $100 per day.

For other events which would otherwise exclude winter sports under our standard cover:

  • Travellers who have purchased the Winter Sports Option will also have cover under other events that would normally be excluded if they occurred while participating in a winter sport.

  • All medical events in the 'You need medical help' events section.

This article is a summary only - for full details, including conditions and exclusions that apply, please refer to the PDS.