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Emergency Assistance WE Assist

With SureSave, our travel safety service extends far beyond simple cover. More than just travel insurance, we provide our travellers with World Assistance. When things go wrong, we’re here to help through our dedicated in-house, 24/7 emergency assistance team, based right here in Australia.

Speak to an expert from home, 24/7

  • Our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our EA service has now been in-house since 2013.
  • Our in-house team consists of experienced case managers and medical professionals (registered nurses and doctors, ex-paramedics).
  • Our medical team are all registered Australian clinicians who uphold the Australian standards of medical treatment. This means that travellers can expect recommendations in line with what they would receive from their GP at home.

WE Assist can help travellers in a number of ways, including:

  • Medical assistance and support

    Navigating language barriers is tricky at the best of times. From finding the nearest doctor to arranging emergency medical transport, we can help travellers access medical facilities and treatment. And with daily check-ins for in-patient cases, we’ll support them every step of the way.

  • Payments direct to providers

    Provided we can confirm cover, we can pay providers directly - so they don’t need to reach into their pockets up-front. We can assist with any amount of medical expenses, but we can also pay other providers including hospitals, clinics, hotels, and airlines. And with WE Assist and the claims team both in-house, confirming cover is a relatively quick process.

  • Coordinating travel plans

    When travellers need help to get home, or urgently need to adjust their travel plans, we can liaise with their travel agent (and other services) to get them on their way. This could be as simple as booking a new flight and extending accommodation, or as complex as a medical repatriation home (with a medical escort).

  • Support for relatives at home – keeping them informed of the situation

    When things go wrong, it can place enormous stress on family back at home. We can help remove some of that stress by keeping them in the loop as we work to organise the traveller’s safe return.

  • Advocating for our travellers

    Our team acts in the best interests of our travellers. This can involve anything from ensuring they receive appropriate medical treatment at a qualified facility, to assistance packing up a hotel room, to arranging an upgraded seat to accommodate an injury. Our travellers can feel secure knowing they have someone to step in and look out for them.

We've got the right connections

  • Extensive and connected network of global providers (hospitals, chemists, embassies, police etc) to assist our travellers seamlessly.
  • Reciprocal relationship with US health insurer, with access to largest network of medical facilities throughout the US
  • Direct agreements with key health providers who meet our standards for a “centre of medical excellence” means we can vouch for the standard of care travellers will receive. This also enables us to better coordinate the patient’s care and easily obtain medical reports.

When should travellers call WE Assist?

We encourage our travellers to contact WE Assist anytime they need assistance or advice, whether medical non-medical.

As a guideline, they should contact us if they’re admitted to hospital, or if their overseas medical expenses are going to be more than $2,000 – activating our services at this point means we can help ensure they receive appropriate medical treatment, and can start looking at other ways we can assist.